20 Snazzy Ideas for the Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here!!! With the summer weather comes summer fun! I’m sure everyone is talking about and thinking about what their plans are for the summer. It can be hard because some of us work, summer school, or other responsibilities. I have comprised a modest list of summer bucket list items that just about anyone can do!

1. Go for a Hike!


Get outside and hang out with nature for a while! Find a new trail and go for a hike! You could even go to an old favorite trail and hike there. Go alone, go with a friend, or go with a pet! Just make sure you bring your bug spray!

2. Go to the Fair!

ferris wheel

There are TONS of fairs and festivals going on ALL SUMMER LONG! Go to the fair, play some games, go on some rides, and eat some fair food! Fairs are super fun and the food is the best part, am I right?

3. Go on a Road Trip!



There is nothing better than a good old fashioned road trip with friends. Even if you can’t go far, even a short one can be a lot of fun! Bring some car snacks and a rockin’ playlist and hit the road!

4. Make Ice Cream

ice cream

So many people have made ice cream at some point in their lives. A lot of the time, however, this was when you were young. Throw it back and make yourself some homemade ice cream!

5. Go to a Waterpark!

water park

Waterparks are a super fun and fairly inexpensive (depending on where you go) way to spend a day or two during the summer! I recommend packing your own lunches, leaving them in the car in a cooler, and then going back out to your car for lunch! This is a great way to save some extra money so the day doesn’t get too expensive.

6. Have a Picnic!

picnic basket

Picnics are an extremely simple way to have some fun during the summer! Pack your meal, a blanket, and maybe a frisbee, and you’re on your way! Find yourself a beautiful summery spot and have fun!

7. Go Camping!


Another great thing to add to your summer bucket list is to go camping! Yes, you can go to an actual campsite, but another great thing you could do is to pitch a tent in your backyard! There’s also an option for those of you who aren’t so in tune with nature. You could even make a fort in your living room and make yourself sort of an indoor campsite!

8. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market!


Bonus if you buy some amazing summer flowers!

9. Go to the Zoo!


The zoo is always a good option during the summer, everyone loves to see the animals. This is also a great kid-friendly option!!

10. Have a Movie Marathon!


There will inevitably be some rainy days over the summer, but no need to dread them! Instead turn those rainy days into movie marathons! Complete with popcorn, cozy blankets and pillows, and maybe even some sing-alongs, this is sure to be a fun way to spend those days that you just don’t want to be outside.

11. Make S’mores!


First of all, YUM! S’mores are an absolute classic and yes, they are 100% necessary when having a bonfire (which is another great idea by the way). For an added bonus, use add peanut butter on your s’mores, or use peanut butter cups instead of chocolate! Trust me, it is delicious.

12. Make a Summer Reading List!


I HIGHLY recommend adding this to your summer bucket list. Personally, I will be attempting to read 20 books this summer, but I am also a total book nerd. I will hopefully be posting my summer reading list in the next week or so, in case anyone is looking for recommendations.

13. Be a Tourist for a Day


This one I have personally never done before, but I thought it would be a super fun idea! “Being a Tourist for a Day” basically just means that you would bike or drive around your town and do the most touristy things possible. Go to the touristy ice cream shop, take tons of pictures of EVERYTHING, and learn a little (or a lot) about your town while you’re at it!

14. Make a Time-Capsule!

time capsule

Time capsules are a great way to have fun now AND in the future! Now, you collect things that are representative of your life now, such as knick-knacks, tickets, photos, or anything else you can think of, and place them in a sealable and durable container. Then you bury this container and plan a date to come back to it. This date could be in 10, 20, or even 50 years! Whatever you’d like! Anyway, on your planned date, you go back to your time capsule, dig it up, and reminisce! It can be a ton of fun, and it is even better if you do it with friends!

15. Go Strawberry Picking!


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but basically you just go to the nearest strawberry farm near you and spend a while picking strawberries!

16. Spend a Day Garage-Saleing!

garage sale

This is an especially great one for those of you who are moving out or going to college this fall. I will definitely be going to garage sales to look for some pieces for my new apartment! One great thing to keep in mind is to not buy the little knick-knackey things unless you know you are going to use them and they are going to be important to you.

17. Feed the Ducks!


If you have a body of water near you, odds are there will be ducks there at some point this summer. I love going to the park to sit in the sun and feed the ducks! This is another kid-friendly one too!

18. Watch Fireworks!


This idea is one that is definitely more common on a certain date… the 4th of July. However, you can use sparklers any time! So even if you can’t see real fireworks in the sky, you can still have some fiery fun of your own!

Bonus if you take some cool sparkler photos!

19. Plant a Garden!


This one is definitely one of my favorites! Whether it be a veggie garden, a flower garden, a balcony garden, or even a succulent garden, this is a super fun idea and it can also be extremely rewarding! (i.e. fresh veggies and fresh flowers.)

20. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do!


Do something new this summer! Something that you have always wanted to do but never had the time or courage to do! This could be forming a new habit, starting a hobby, or even skydiving! Take whatever thrills and scares you at the same time and DO IT! You won’t regret it.

So, those were my 20 Snazzy Ideas for the Ultimate Summer Bucket List! As I complete these things, I am hoping to keep you all updated by taking a ton of pictures and writing a post for each bucket list item after I complete it!

I hope this inspired your own fun summer bucket list, and that you all have had an amazing start to the summer months! Thank you so much for reading!

A. Marie

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