May Bullet Journal Set-Up: Daisies

GOOOODMORNING! (or afternoon… or whenever you are reading this.)

I have recently started my bullet journal again. Yes, I know it is pretty much the middle of the year, but I needed a place to keep my entire summer schedule together and my planner just wasn’t cutting it! I have always loved coloring, doodling, and stationery… So the bullet journal is perfect for me. If you are similar and have a knack for organization, it could be for you too!

When I set up my bullet journal, I like to choose a theme for that month, so that all of my designs are cohesive. Something else that helps with this is to keep your layouts and designs simple and to choose one or two accent colors for the month and stick to just those! My theme for this month is daisies and my accent color is orange!

Here’s where I am going to show you my actual bullet journal for this month, one spread at a time. I hope this inspires your own creations! Now, let’s get into the part you’ve been waiting for!

Cover Page

cover page

My cover page is the place where I state what month it is, and sometimes on the other sheet I will either do a quote or some sort of picture. For the month of my I wrote a quote on the left page, and drew some daisies on stems at the bottom. On the right page, I wrote MAY in big block letters in the center of the page, with a partial border around it. Blooming from this border, I drew I bunch of greenery and daisies. Notice how the only place I put my accent color on either of these pages is in the middle of the flower and as an accent on some of the words.

Monthly Spread

monthly spread

For my May monthly spread, I did a column for each day of the week, big enough to include all 31 days of the month. I wrote May in the top left corner using my Black Tombow Dual Brush Pen. Along the left side of the page and wrapping slightly under the calendar, I drew little multi-sized floating daisies. I used my accent orange to fill in the center of the daisies and to accentuate the days of the week.

Goals, To-Do, and Trackers

goals and stuff (2)

The next page in my bullet journal is my monthly goals, and my To-Do list for the month. These are not my daily to-do’s, those will show up in my weekly spread. These are month long goals such as saving a certain amount of money, losing weight, making time for something, or even just feeling better! My monthly to-do’s are things that I have to get done at some point during the month, but it doesn’t matter when. That was the left page, and on the right I have my monthly habit tracker. I did not want to put too many things on this, just the important ones. The things that I want to track this year are workouts, taking my medicine and vitamins, whether I have a headache, days that I don’t spend any money, my blog posting schedule, and my instagram posting schedule. I also included a quote on this page reading, “A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

Weekly Spread

weekly spread

My weekly spread contains both a blogging schedule and my actual schedule for the week. My blogging schedule has six boxes, with the sixth one split in half so that there is room for all seven days of the week. In these boxes I put posting days, media stuff that I have to do, writing days, etc. Basically anything that I have to get done for the blog that week goes in these boxes. On the right page is my weekly schedule. In this I have a box for each day of the week. On top of the schedule I wrote May 1-6 (obviously this would change based on what the dates are that week). For each days tasks, I use little circles to keep track of if they are done or not. When the task is done I fill in the circle, if the task is moved I draw an arrow over the circle, and if the task is cancelled I draw an “X” over the circle. At the bottom of each day I have a, “what to wear”, section where I plan out what I am going to wear that day.

Thank you so much for reading about my May Bullet Journal Set-Up, I hope I inspired your own bullet journal set-ups! Have an amazing day and I’ll see you soon!


A. Marie

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