My Secrets to Looking Bangin’ on a Budget

When I was still fairly young, my parents paid for me to take a certification course for babysitters. Afterwards, they helped me to find some families who were in need of babysitters. Once I had some money set aside from babysitting, I started to be in charge of buying my own clothing.

I have a dress-code at the school I go to, as I always have in the past. So at the beginning of each school year my parents and I would go shopping for a few pairs of pants and a few shirts which they paid for. They always replaced these basics if something happened to them and they also paid for one good pair of running shoes for me and for any undergarments I needed.

However, any excess clothing that I wanted (or, more likely, thought I needed at the time) I was in charge of purchasing for myself with the money that I had earned. At this point, I will be living on my own soon and I have found that the lessons learned through earning money and purchasing any extras I wanted have helped me greatly. I am about to share with you some of the things that I have learned through my years of budget shopping.



This is an app that I have been using for YEARS. I have it on my iphone, and you can also look it up online. Through this app you can get coupons, promo codes, be notified of online sales, and that is just the beginning!!

Thrift Stores

thrift store

I absolutely love going thrift store shopping. Thrift stores are a great place to find lightly used clothing of any type, for a fraction of the cost. My absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans from Express are from Goodwill! They were already broken in just enough to be completely comfortable. I also love to go to thrift stores and purchase clothing to perform my own DIY projects on!

Google Search 

google search

Another simple ways to find coupons and discounts is to simply search for them online! Just search for the place you are shopping, and type “discount” or “promo code” at the end.

Do You Really Need It?

do you need it

One of my biggest tips is not to buy something simply because it is on sale. I am guilty of this as well, but I see a lot of people going online or walking into a store and seeing a sale. When they see this sale they immediately go to that section and rationalize that they “need” something, only to find that they never wear it when they get home! It simply hangs in their closets and gathers dust, all because it was on sale! When you are in the process of purchasing something, make sure you really need it or love it.

Take Care of Your Clothes!

price per wear

Think of the clothing you already have as money on a hanger. If something needs to be dry cleaned, DO NOT machine wash it! As for sweaters, wash them on a delicate cycle and then hang them to dry so that they do not shrink. Take care of the clothes in your possession, and they will last longer. Price per wear is everything.

I hope this little guide helped those of you who want or have to shop on a budget! I am thinking about doing a series of posts on thrift store DIY projects. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


A. Marie


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