Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Everyone knows how hard it can be to choose an outfit in the morning, and that is just on a daily basis. It is much harder to decide what to wear on a night out or a date. To help you guys out with something to wear for Valentine’s Day, I have put together three simple looks that anyone can wear.



For this look I am wearing my Express Jeans, a black crew-neck with pearl embellishments from TJ Maxx, and a pair of black booties that I got from Kohl’s. I paired it with a black bag from Target.

A Bit More Dressed-Up


In this second look, I am wearing my PINK Ultimate leggings in black, a lavender blouse from Hollister, and a cream cardigan from Hollister as well. I paired this look with some silver knee-high boots and silver jewelry.



For my last look, and a more dressed up one, I am wearing a plain pair of black nylons, a rose-patterned romper from Charlotte-Russe, and the same black pair of boots from Kohl’s that was in the first look.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!!


A. Marie


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